Topcat Treasure is a Registered NDIS provider for those who choose to have their plans NDIA managed.

NDIS and Incontinence 

When planning for an NDIS meeting it is important to remember to think about and include your continence care needs.  For many people with a disability incontinence can be highly embarrassing and lead to isolation from work, family, friends and community access. 

It is important to know help is out there, and in many cases incontinence issues can be resolved or minimised. Incontinence products like our PSD underwear, our bedding/chair range as well as correctly fitting disposable products for the individual can assist those with ongoing incontinence needs. 

A continence assessment can recommend highly helpful strategies and/or discrete products that work well to meet your goals and lifestyle choices.    

It is important to let your NDIS planner know you have a continence problem to ensure they can budget for your product needs in your NDIS plan.  Continence assessments/product prescriptions and reviews are budgeted for within the Capacity Building section of NDIS plans. Funding for continence products will be within the ‘CORE’ supports budget of individual NDIS plan. 

Topcat are happy to assist those needing a quote for planning and will be happy to work with your continence provider to find you the most suitable products from our range. 

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